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"One cannot consent to creep when one feels the urge to soar." Helen Keller

Women Often Do This...
  • Feel STUCK in a cycle of people-pleasing, perfectionism or worse yet, being a control-freak, which leads to distraction, disappointment and dissatisfaction…
  • ​Get SUCKED into the vortex of procrastination, while longing for a more meaningful life…
  • ​SILENCE their voice, play it SAFE & SCARED of being who they really are...
  • SETTLE for playing a supporting role in their own story...taking care of everyone else, while neglecting their own emotional needs…
  • Hide in the SHADOWS of everyone else's success...
  • ​Feel GUILT, SHAME & BLAME about the events of their past...
  • ​Downplay their STORY and believe the lie that their STORY doesn't matter...

Your STORY holds the clues to your purpose. Your STORY fuels your self-belief. The STORY you tell yourself is the key to your well-being. Your STORY connects you to your tribe. Your STORY holds the answer to someone else's problem; the healing to their pain. Your STORY is the legacy that you will pass down to generations. 

"There is no greater agony than an untold story inside of you." Maya Angelou

This Communuty Is Perfect for the Woman Who...

Is tired of telling the same old story about her past and she's ready to go from VICTIM to VICTOR as the new LEADING LADY in her own EPIC STORY so that she can use her story to light the path for other women...

​Is ready to FIND HER VOICE and RE-WRITE her story from a POWERFUL PERSPECTIVE to bring hope and healing to the world...

​Is ready to ENGAGE the themes, the characters and the settings of her story in a new way so that she can strengthen her relationships...

Wants to STORY BOARD the events of her life to reveal her PURPOSE  so that she can feel fulfilled and significant in her authenticity...

Has let everyone else write her story for her but she is ready to AUTHOR the next CHAPTERS OF YOUR LIFE so that she can be who God created her to be WITHOUT letting others down...

Is ready to navigate the PLOT TWISTS of life with grace and ease so that she can live with focus and intention EVEN IF the world is going crazy around her...

Is ready to become the HEROINE that she was created to be and use her story to bring GOD GLORY so that she can live with a sense of mission, vision and purpose...
What is The Flutter™ and Why Does Your Story Matter?

A "FLUTTER" is a group of butterflies. 

Did you know that the caterpillar does NOT turn into the butterfly? SHOCKING but true! The DNA of the butterfly is inside of the caterpillar. When the caterpillar goes into the cocoon, enzymes are released that literally liquify the caterpillar into liquid form (they call it "pupa soup"). The caterpillar has to be disintegrated so that the DNA of the butterfly can be released, reshaped and 
finally revealed to the world.

Just like the butterfly, the DNA of your purpose is inside of you but you have to be willing to let go of the woman who was created by fears, failures and imperfections so that the DNA of your PURPOSE can be released, reshaped, and finally revealed to the world.

Where you are today, is a result of the story you've been telling yourself BUT, your story holds the clues to your purpose. If you feel yourself outgrowing your caterpillar story, The Flutter™ is a judgement-free zone where women are heard, acknowledged and safe to go through the process of transformation, break out of their cocoon and practice using their story to SOAR.

The Flutter™ is an intentional journey of transformation and engaging your story from a powerful perspective...letting go of caterpillar mindsets, patterns and behaviors that have kept you stuck and embracing your BUTTERFLY STORY!

You will be ready to live out this new adventerous tale and show up fearlessly to make a bigger impact. Maybe you will write your book. Maybe you will start your business. Maybe you connect more deeply with the ones who experience your story. Whatever comes will know that 

"It's not what happens to us that causes our's the story we tell ourselves about what happened." Tony Robbins

How does The Flutter™  work, you ask?

The TRUTH is that The Flutter™ works because we have developed
“The Flutter FREEDOM Formula”™ and Coach Angela's secret "Once-Upon-a-Time" Story Method™ combining:

  • STRATEGIC story-coaching that walks you through a process of finding your voice, owning your story, and re-scripting the narrative you've been telling yourself from a powerful perspective...
  • A SUSTAINABLE personal-growth plan so that you can step into the leading role of your own life...
  • A SISTERHOOD of women who are AWAKENING their EPIC STORY and flipping the script from "I am not enough." to "My story matters."!

We Take You Through 5 Stages of Story-Coaching:

You Have a Story!

In this stage, you will learn why your story matters and how to own it. You will begin to see the common threads of the characters, settings, plot-twists and themes of your life and how they all come together to produce a beautiful tapestry of the tale of YOU! You will gain clarity about where you are in your story and what's been standing in your way of living your EPIC story.

You Can Transform Your Story!

Where you are today is a result of the story you have been telling yourself. In this stage, you will learn how to flip the script, shift your story and tell your story from a powerful perspective. You will transform your story into the epic tale that it was meant to be, EVEN IF you've felt like the victim in your own story.

Your Can Unlock Confidence in Your Story

In this stage,  you will learn how to embrace your story and tell it from a powerful perspective and step into a new level of confidence. You will be able to let go of the fear of failure, fear of judgment and letting the opinions of others stop you dead in your tracks. You will finally feel the confidence to MOVE FORWARD...

It's Time to Write Your Story

In this stage, you will go through the step-by-step process of writing your story using the "Once-Upon-a-Time" Story Method™ to write your story as the heroine of your story. When you take time to do this, other people see themselves in your story and give themselves permission to be the heroine in their own story. You become a change-agent and inspire transformation in others.

Use Your Story to Bring God Glory

In this stage you will learn how to engage your story and infuse it into all aspects of your life. You will learn how to use your story to strenghten your relationships, communicate your purpose, connect to your tribe, and so much more. Your story of your life will take on a new meaning as you use your story to bring God glory.

What's the RESULT?

Live Your Story Out Loud!

You will be ready to live out this new adventerous tale and show up fearlessly to make a bigger impact. Maybe you will write your book. Maybe you will start your business. Maybe you connect more deeply with the ones who experience your story. Whatever comes will know that YOUR STORY MATTERS!

Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Flutter™:

  • Weekly Zoom Calls with “Hot-Seat Coaching”, Live Q&A and transformational activities
  • A Private Invitation into The Flutter™ Facebook Community, a dynamic tribe of women who are           re-writing the next chapters of their lives, just like YOU! 
  • MEMBERS ONLY ACCESS to The Virtual Empowerment Center, a virtual vault with bite-sized, easy-to-implement, on-the-go coaching courses that empower you to step into clarity, confidence & courage to live your story out-loud...
  • “Done-for-You” Daily Affirmations & Journal Prompts 


BONUS #1 - “The Flutter FREEDOM Formula” ™ 

Mindset Training for the Way a Woman Thinks - incorporating “Neuro-framing Technology” , a proven method to rewire your brain for emotional freedom even if you’ve been held captive by the past, the opinions of other and negative self-talk.
This formula is radically changing women’s lives no matter what stage of life she is in!

BONUS #2 - “Permission to Pivot” ™ Method

You’ll write yourself a Permission Slip and unlock your tell your story, personal power, inside and out, as you’re guided through the process of giving yourself the permission and approval you’ve been longing for, even if you waiting for “the perfect time” to take a stand for you.

BONUS #3 - The Successful Story-Scripting System™

Your story is the unfolding of who you are, why you’re here and what you’re here to do. Your story reveals the real YOU to the world. Telling your story is something you were, quite literally, born to do. The power of testimony has been proven. This teaching will help you script your story in a clear and impactful way. Your story matters!

AND...These FAST-ACTION Bonuses!

BONUS #4 - Time-Saving “10-Minute SHIFT” ™ System 

This provides a super-fast, easy-to-implement, sustainable personal-growth plan for busy women, incorporating video and audio files, worksheets and more for mental, emotional and Spiritual self-care for busy women. This system saves you the time and money of having to figure it out on your own.
No more waiting or hesitating! It’s time for your Mindset Reset!

BONUS #5 - The Financial Breakthrough Blueprint

Get the blueprint to rewrite your old money story, identify financial roadblocks and rescript the story you’ve been telling yourself about your relationship with money. 

Give your finances wings! 

BONUS #6 - How to Be Self-Care Savvy & Love the Skin You’re In

Learn how to become your own best advocate, allied with yourself and your surroundings EVEN IF you’ve been your own worst enemy. You’ll strategize ways to create a sense of stillness and do what lights your soul on fire. 

This is a GAME-CHANGER! It's time to finally feel good about yourself!

We are so passionate about The Flutter™...

That's why we offer 100% Money-Back Guarentee!

We can totally relate...
If we haven't met yet, we are Angela and Lacie, co-founders of The Flutter™ ...
God used our stories to connect us. 

We know what it's like to silence our voices. We both know what it feels like to hide in the shadows and settle for a supporting role in our own stories BUT we also know what can happen when women find their voice, tell their story from a powerful perspective and live their story out-loud..

We are story-advocates and have a passion for helping women become the leading lady in their own lives.

That's why we created The Flutter™ so that you can do the same thing!

Every woman has a PURPOSE. Every purpose has a STORY. Use your story to bring GOD GLORY.
"I now have focus and I am pursuing my passions. I now love every part of me."
Rockford, IL
"The Flutter has been an amazing tool to assist me in my purpose, passion, and perspective in life.  The Flutter is a must have for every woman."
-Vernita Porter

"Lacie appeared on the scene and immediately became one of my biggest cheerleaders. She is an incredible champion & works hard to see you succeed!"
- J. Bethany Anderson
McKinney, TX


How does The Flutter work? 

The Flutter comes from a Growth Mindset perspective. As a human being, you only have two motivations – you are either avoiding what we don’t want or going after what you want. Your default is to avoid what you don’t want – the perceived pain of rejection and failure. You move in the direction of what you’re focusing on. When you are avoiding what you don’t want, you are focusing on what you don’t want. What you focus on, expands. The Flutter teaches you how to decide what you want, FOCUS on what you want and go after what you want so that you can sustain a growth mindset and keep moving forward.

How do I know The Flutter will work for me? 

We believe that you have everything you need inside of you to live the life that you were intended to live. You lack nothing! It’s just been buried underneath years of conditioning, survival techniques and unproductive thinking habits. No matter what stage of life you are in, YOU ARE CAPAPBLE. You deserve to feel fulfilled, significant and joyful. You have a purpose and we know how to help you unearth the treasures that are already inside of you. IT IS POSSIBLE!

How much time does The Flutter take?  

We believe if you’ll spend 10 minutes a day focusing on what you want versus avoiding what you don’t want, it will radically shift your perspective and change your results. In The Flutter, we give you lots of tools to make this happen. You choose the ones that work best for you and your schedule.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Member?

It’s currently $47 per month or $470 per year (you get 2 months FREE) to be a member.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes, but we hope you won't! You can cancel really easily from inside your membership dashboard.
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The Flutter
is a SISTERHOOD for BUSY Women Who Are Ready to Live FREE...
  • Women Who Love BIG and Give BIG Don't Have to Get Lost in the Shuffle
  • Women Who Love BIG & Give BIG Weren't Meant to Settle for a Life That is "FINE"
  • "Good Enough" Doesn't Have to Be "Good Enough" for Women Who Love BIG & Give BIG

Have you ever felt 
from just going 
through the motions? 

On the surface, things are “FINE”. A woman knows how to stay distracted by the busyness of life but deep down inside, she secretly longs for more. But, sometimes, when a woman dreams of a more meaningful life, self-doubt whispers in her ear… “Who are you to dream of an extraordinary life when 
ordinary is GOOD ENOUGH???” 

It's easy for a woman who loves BIG and gives BIG to get stuck on the hamster wheel of life, 
just spinning her wheels and going nowhere, FAST... she is so worried about making everyone else happy 
that she loses her own joy.

A woman often beats herself up, becoming her own worst critic. That nagging little voice turns into mindless chatter, taunting her to become invisible and voiceless. She finally silences her inner-dialog long enough to compose herself and slip back into the distraction of her demanding life.

Every time she starts to move forward, she seems to sabotage her own efforts and ends up right back in the same place. Just when things start looking up, she finds herself  back in the same old cycle of 
self-judgement and self-ridicule…

If this sounds familiar...the REAL PROBLEM is that the caterpillar lifestyle no longer serves you. 
You’re overwhelmed from over-giving and over-committing because you have a GOOD HEART! 

It is POSSIBLE to care for YOU and take care of the ones you love WITHOUT feeling selfish.

You are meant for were meant to SOAR.

  • ​Can you imagine just being able to BE who you were created to be without all of the masks?
  • ​Can you fathom, just for a minute, being able to JUST BREATHE…to inhale the positivity and exhale the negative even if the wind has been knocked out of you?
  • ​Imaging having a coach and a sisterhood to hold you accountable to the dreams and desires that are inside of YOU and BECOME the best version of who you were created to be…all WITHOUT breaking the bank.

Hey there! We are Angela and Lacie, Co-Founders of 

The Flutter

and we TOTALLY understand this because we've been there...

We are BUSY women who are passionate about empowering other busy women with the tools needed to RISE UP & SOAR INTO A LIFE OF FREEDOM. (You can read more about us below...)
We GET IT...
Women who love BIG and give BIG also have BIG fears…
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Failure
  • ​Fear of Being Overlooked
  • ​Fear of LOVING BIG But Not Being Loved in Return
And this big, juicy fear…is this all there is to life?  

Am I Right???

…and then when you finally stop long enough to realize that you need a break, pay attention to your mindsets and live with more intention, you feel guilty for taking care of YOU!

When it comes to taking care of YOU...
you feel guilty if you DO and guilty if you DON’T! 

It’s time to say, “BUH-BYE” to 
self-doubt, self-sabotage & 
negative self-talk!

Here's What Makes The Flutter Different...





You don't have to figure it out on your own...just follow the path we've laid out for you!

Summoned to Soar - Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman is a real-world handbook for women whose life didn’t turn out the way she expected but she is ready to endure her cocoon of transformation, rise up and soar. Following the journey of a caterpillar to a butterfly, Angela wallks women through the process of evolving through her personal cocoon and emerging as a woman of purpose. 
A "flutter" is a group of butterflies. A "butterfly" in The Flutter is a woman who is committed to the process of transformation and connected with like-minded women who are activley creating a life of significance, fulfillment and true joy.
We understand that while investing in yourself takes commitment, not investing in yourself has consequences and comes with its own premium. 
Neglecting yourself comes with a VERY REAL can cost you your health, your relationships, your sanity, and your purpose. 
Taking care of yourself enables you to take better care of all that has been placed before you. 

If you are a woman who LOVES BIG and  GIVES BIG, it’s time to give yourself PERMISSION to link arms with a sisterhood of women who have your be in safe place, a judgement-free zone where transformation can take place.

Take an intentional step to come back home to YOU, find your wings and soar.
-Angela & Lacie
Become a Charter Member today.
  • The Flutter: is a community of emerging women who are awakening to their authenticity, coming into alignment with their Divine assignment and being activated into a life of significance, fulfillment and joy.
  • The Flutter: is a judgement-free zone where you can feel acknowledged, treasured and heard.
  • The Flutter: is a safe place for transparency and discovery so that true transformation can take place.
  • The Flutter: is a hub for the woman who is being summoned to soar into the fullness of who she was created to be.
  •  The Flutter: is built around progressive, dynamic and thought-provoking conversations. It is designed to bring clarity to where a woman currently is, precision to where the dream of her heart longs to take you, what’s standing in her way and builds a bridge between the gaps.
- If you’re just starting out and you relate to the caterpillar
- If you are on the journey and relate to the cocoon
- If you are ready to spread your wings as a butterfly
The Flutter is for You!
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